Good morning starshine!

This is probably my third attempt at regular blogging. I always get into it with the best of intentions, tell myself I’ll write more regularly, welcome input from others, enjoy the exposure. But somewhere along the way I always let my head get in the way of all that.

Full disclosure, I struggle with anxiety disorders. The idea of really putting myself out there is frightening, despite the fact that most of my hobbies require baring my soul to an audience. I love to teach. (I am not a professional teacher.) I love to sing. (I am not a professional singer.) I love to write. (I am a professional writer. But not in the way I would like.)

But this time something is different. Somewhere along the line while everyone around me made New Years’ Resolutions about losing weight, working out more, blah blah blah, I decided that my resolution was going to be a little different. I was going to resolve to stop being my own worst enemy. And I want to start heading toward that goal by writing more regularly, not being my own worst critic anymore, but instead being my loudest cheerleader, but also my most honest critic. Seeing things for what they really are, not what I fear they are or what I want them to be.


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