Sun, Snow, and Shots of the South

I’ve always loved photography. Even before I really understood the ins and outs and particulars of it all, I’ve been drawn to the art form. I don’t remember when I got my first digital camera, I took a digital photography course in college (and promptly forgot everything I learned) and have even toyed with the idea of selling some of my shots on Etsy. I love it. And lately my medium of choice, despite owning a pretty stellar Canon, has been Instagram,of all things. Like a lot of people I freaked out with that change in TOS and deleted my shots (not before exporting them to my computer, of course, as I am not a total moron) and, also like a lot of people, I regretted that within a week and came crawling back. I’ve reposted a few of my old shots but not all of them. Oh well. They’ve been replaced by some pretty worthy successors. Including one of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken.

Sunrise over Snowfields, ©Jessica Hoffman

My dad was visiting, and I’d stayed at my grandparents’ house, sleeping in my old room for the first time in nearly four years. For some reason I couldn’t eat breakfast without my phone and I ran back upstairs to grab it, and I saw this out my old bedroom window. I’m not the next Ansel Adams by a long shot, but sometimes nature just demands to be noticed.

I started this out intending to write about the hilarity that is the impending Snowmageddon (or Icepocalypse, depending on where exactly in South Carolina you might be) but I found this photo and just really wanted to share it. (I’m pretty proud of it.) But, in the spirit of Snowmageddon, I’ve got another shot for you, also from my personal trove. It’s another tree on the farm during the last Snowmageddon we had here, an astonishing 2-ish inches back in 2010. Cute, right?

Snow! ©Jessica Hoffman


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