Wheels Up and Cash Out

Oh man, it’s been a whole week since I posted last! For shame.

I have a habit of starting things and never finishing them. I may have told you that. (I also have a habit of telling everyone the same story and forgetting who I’ve told.) I had hoped this blog would help me stay on the wagon and write more regularly. So far it’s working, although I should probably shoot for more than once a week…

So far though it has helped. It’s helped me score a chance to write my first book review, which is exciting. Be on the lookout for that in the next few days, as the deadline is fast approaching! Hopefully I’ll start landing more of those, since it’s pretty high on my list of favorite activities. I may even get a wild hair (as we say in the lovely South) and post reviews here of whatever I’m reading at the moment. Which, in case you’re interested, is the excellent Dead Iron by Devon Monk. I’ve read it before, but I recently picked up the next two installments in the series and decided to give myself a refresher before diving into those tasty treats. Normally I only post my reviews on Goodreads, but I think this page can be a nice new home for them.

I’m sure you’re all waiting with bated breath to figure out what my post title is supposed to be about. I’m actually heading to Vegas tomorrow! Direct sales is a big thing here in the South (mostly Avon) and I’m the latest to jump on the bandwagon. I’m in jewelry, and I LOVE it. (If for nothing other than expanding my own personal collection, because I need jewelry to match each pair of shoes I have. Stop judging me.)

Anyway, one of the company’s national conventions is in Vegas this weekend and I decided why not just go? So I’ll be leaving behind the pups and the hubs and heading to LV in the morning. Well, afternoon. I’m excited, and no, I’ve never been. Expect tons of picspam (probably not good pictures; I use my phone after all) and completely rambling tales when I come back. I’ll be back on Tuesday and, while I’d love to take my Mac and bore you with endless photos of things you’ve all seen a million times before Tuesday, I had to decide between suitcase real estate for my laptop or for shoes and jewelry. And you can probably guess which won out.


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