Amazon and the Indie Bookshop

I’m sure by now you’ve heard all about the ongoing Amazon v. Hachette ordeal. I admit I haven’t been following it very closely, mainly because I don’t often order from Amazon anymore anyway. I don’t have a Prime membership (gasp!), I order my ebooks from B&N (Nook Color 4 lyfe) and get classics and more for free here (ereader owners should bookmark that site, seriously. No, it is not a pirate site.). I’m not an elitist about my books; I like physical copies and ecopies almost equally. I buy physical copies of books I know I’ll read often, books with decorative covers or beautiful artwork or sentimental value. I buy ecopies of books I’d read every day, quick and dirty beach reads, and books I’m not quite sure I’ll like but am willing to chance the cheaper ebook price.

But I digress.

I came here this morning with a simple request: Buy local. Buy indie. Support local authors and local bookshops. I’m an indie author! You knew that. Support me! Support my co-authors! I admit I could take my own advice a lot more; we’ve got a great local bookshop not far from my office, The Book Tavern. I don’t go there nearly enough. I got to meet one of my childhood-favorite authors because of them—they gave me tickets to see James Gurney (Dinotopia) at a speaking engagement at a local med school. Just gave them to me! They’re fun people with great recommendations. Most bookshop owners are. Get out and meet them. And if you aren’t sure where to start, you don’t know of any indie bookshops near you (I’m sure there are dozens more around my favorite haunts), here’s a fun list of 10 indie bookshops across the country, which—full disclosure—appeared on the very site I work for just two days ago. Check it out, then go out and scope your own town for what it has to offer. Know a store that should have been on that list? Let me know—plug ’em in the comments below. I am totally down with that.


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