Tuesday Reviews Day: Book Riot YA #04

The most recent Book Riot YA Box is here! It arrived on my doorstep this past Saturday, and I am SO excited about what’s inside. Once again, Book Riot has curated a box that I can’t wait to sink my readerly teeth into.


First up, there’s the ever-present curator letter, explaining that this month’s theme is Celebrating Art. To be honest, I was expecting a January box to cover New Years’ resolutions or coming-of-age stories, but I like that it’s not quite that. The letter says they want to encourage readers to “engage creatively with our reading.” Sounds like fun! Let’s dig in:

The first of the two novels is Ana of California. The curator letter describes it as “a modern retelling of Anne of Green Gables,” focusing on a teen girl who’s out of second chances in the North Carolina foster system. Her last chance is to join a farming trainee program, and she thinks it’s going to turn things around for her, but once she’s there, her desire to fit in causes her to sacrifice pieces of herself.


There’s also a map to accompany this novel, hand-drawn by the author, plus a page of eatable recipes from the story.  Super cute!

Up next: We Are the Ants. Thirteen-year-old Henry Denton was abducted by aliens, but it wasn’t a one-time deal. They keep taking him, keep telling him he needs to make a choice: press a button and save the world, or don’t press it and condemn humanity? In the midst of grieving a loved one, Henry isn’t really sure which one he wants. But he’s only got 144 days to decide.


This book came with a hand-drawn bookmark and a signed bookplate!

And how cool are adult coloring books right now? I’ll confess: I currently have both Secret Garden and Lost Ocean, both by Johanna Basford. So I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was to see this in the January box:


The book features 20 tear-out, colorable (and mailable!) postcards. They’re all adorable! Now I just have to decide which ones I want to actually mail someone instead of just hoarding them all for myself…

Aaaand finally, these adorable Alice in Wonderland socks.


SO ADORABLE. They appear to be tall socks, which may be a problem only because I have the largest calves ever put on a person of my body type, but oh well. I’ll push ’em down.


Book Riot and Quarterly also offer other quarterly collectible boxes. Check out the original Book Riot Box if you’re not into young adult lit, and be sure to link me when you get yours! Unboxings are the best.


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