Tattoos and Textbooks: Personal Update

This past year has been … something else. It was September 2016 last time I made a post, and I for one cannot believe it’s been that long. I’ll just hit the high points for the almost-year that I’ve been dark, because it’s understandably a lot to cover.

Last August I went back to school. I started graduate school at Morehead State University, enrolling in their online program for a Master’s in English. My mentors at the university where I work put their approval on it before I applied, and I got one of the most flattering recommendation letters of my life. I was so blown away by the kind words my English chair had to say about me, the only thing I remember is a single sentence: “Having her in a classroom is like having another teacher present.” Just … wow.

If you’re in the market for an English graduate program, I’d highly recommend the one at MSU. It’s comparatively affordable, the course offerings are varied and fascinating, and so far the majority of the professors have been engaging, insightful, and encouraging. I can’t say enough about how much I love this program. It’s been a perfect fit for me, though I’ll admit that it was a difficult adjustment getting used to an online program. I like structure, so I’ve had to force myself to build a schedule and stick to it. Challenging, but rewarding.

I also finally got that third tattoo I’d been wanting for awhile. Admittedly, the design wasn’t a long-standing idea, but I had been wanting more ink since the last session on my balloon.

Tattoo on right shoulder; a black outline of a fox with Gallifreyan circular writing on a field of outerspace.

It’s a fox, composed of Gallifreyan that reads “so come home,” a line by @jonnysun. Photo by the artist, Matt Skin.

Again, I learned that getting tattoos triggers my anxiety, and this time was pretty bad. But whatever, I love this tattoo.

In October 2016, we had my 10-year high school reunion, an event that had been planned and fallen through once already. Somehow I got convinced to work on the planning committee, and I’m convinced that High-School-Me is still frozen somewhere, mouth agape, completely in disbelief that not only would I want to go to my high school reunion, but I’d actually want to help plan it. I still wish I’d just stayed away from it altogether. It … wasn’t great.

This year has been a bit quieter. School resumed in January, and I managed to maintain a 3.75 GPA despite one of my classes being … more than a little frustrating.

I’ve gotten a nose ring, another addition I’ve wanted for ages and never had the nerve or opportunity to get. Turns out it was neither as expensive nor as painful as I thought it was going to be.


Snapchat selfie, a few days after getting my nose pierced. Finally.

This summer, I was gearing up to take the Masters Exam, before realizing I can’t take it until next summer. I’m not even a little upset about that, because it just means I have this entire summer for decimating my TBR pile and searching for a suitable planet to build my base in No Man’s Sky. (I know a lot of people didn’t like that game, but I looked forward to it for two actual years. I don’t care if you hated it because you didn’t know it was a sandbox. Don’t @ me.)

And, of course, you know what that means … the return of Tuesday Reviews Day! If only for a sweet little while. I would love to keep it up during the school year, but last term you guys would have been getting weekly reviews on things like Moby Dick and Jane Eyre and assorted other classics that I admittedly did not finish reading. Oops.

I also started a bullet journal, finally. I’ve been wanting to, but it always looked so intimidating. Jury’s still out on how much I like it, because it’s very new, but so far I’m pretty stoked about it. I think it’s going to really help, but we’ll see.

Perhaps the most stress-inducing thing coming up is the laparoscopy I have to have in a couple of weeks. My new ob/gyn thinks I have endometriosis, a condition I’ve long suspected but my previous ob/gyn refused to investigate. They’ll probably do a biopsy and remove any scar tissue they can, and hopefully that will straighten out the myriad health problems this has caused me for 11 years now. Femmes, get yourselves a doctor who listens to you.

At any rate, I’m hoping I can get a handle on blogging more regularly, although I might very well disappear yet again in the fall term. Keep the faith friends! I will return, like always.


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