If you are a dreamer, come in
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar
A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer
If you’re a pretender, come sit by my fire
For we have some flax golden tales to spin
Come in
Come in
~Shel Silverstein, “Invitation”

Hello there! I’m Jessica. I’m a writer, mostly of sci-fi, supernatural, spec fic sorts of things. In the archives of this blog, you’ll find mostly book reviews, along with the stray game or film review. There will also be intermittent personal updates, bookish memes, and, now that I’m in graduate school, some of my research will probably be making an appearance when I’m particularly pleased with it.

On Halloween 2013, three of my short stories were published in The Midnight Carnival: One Night Only, a collaborative anthology about a mysterious circus where the dangers on the stage are more real than they appear. Purchase links can be found on the Goodreads page. Grab a copy and hit me with those sweet reviews!

Read, comment, share, whatever. But please always ask permission, please always credit, and please never alter or claim ownership of my creations.


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