Not Quite a PSA

You can expect the usual Tuesday Reviews Day content tomorrow, about something I’ve recently promised to cover, but I wanted to drop in briefly today and say a few things.

First of all, I haven’t completely forgotten about the other days of the week, and I do realize that currently there is an average of two weeks between each Tuesday Reviews Day post. I want to remedy that, so hopefully I can up my reading game and get you guys a fresh review every week. I also want to make a return to personal posts, which will appear more regularly. Of course, I would like to stay focused on reviews, but I like having some content in there to switch it up.

So on that note, what are some topics you’d like to see this blog cover? Do you like the snapshots of my personal life, or would you prefer I stick with general geekery? (No offense will be taken, no matter which answer you provide.) While I would prefer not to review video games (for a host of reasons, none of which I feel obligated to explain), I don’t mind reviewing books you’re curious about reading but nervous to purchase, or movies you might like to see but aren’t sure you’ll enjoy it. (My husband is a huge movie buff, so you can rest assured we’ll either see or own a majority of popular films, especially.) Of course, you’re more than welcome to ask about my opinions on video games that are available on my preferred platforms (PC/Mac, Xbox, PS3, Nintendo 3DS), but I do like focusing on books so I’ll attempt to keep that the same.

And finally, tomorrow’s Tuesday Reviews Day will be book-related but not focused on any single book; you’ll see when you get there. But next week’s installment will focus on a book I’m currently reading, and it’s already made such a huge impact on me I couldn’t resist giving you a sneak peek at my feelings on the book: Shadowshaper, by Daniel Jose Older. This is the second book of his I’ve read, and it’s every bit as amazing as I expected. But what’s so striking about this book is its focus: the main characters are all POC. And honestly, I hadn’t realized how whitewashed my book choices were until I took the No-SWCM Authors Challenge back in March. I’ve discovered worlds of fiction I never envisioned, and this book is amazing. Not just for this reason, but it strikes me as I read that this is not about me. And I love it. I don’t feel excluded at all; it feels familiar and comfortable, like hanging out with friends, but it isn’t mine the way my family is mine. It isn’t my story. And I love it for that. It’s refreshing to read something that doesn’t feel worn out. It’s refreshing to see books about people who look like people I know, who talk like people I know, but who are not exactly like me. I know the inherent privilege that comes with admitting that; I might as well say “wow, it gets really boring to read about people like me all the time,” and I realize how that sounds. But I am bored of it. I’m tired of ‘White’ being the default setting. It is refreshing to read about something else, to learn about someone else. And I imagine that, for POC readers, it is refreshing to finally see a mirror. I truly believe this will help change the way I write characters of my own. I can’t wait to tell you more about this book, and I can’t wait to finish reading it for myself.