I really would like to get into a more permanent rhythm, and posting reviews every week just ends up getting out of hand, especially once I start classes back in the fall. (Just a few weeks to go now; yikes!!)

In that spirit, Tuesday Reviews Day will be every other week, while I try that on for size and see how it works. There won’t be a review post tomorrow, but I already have one scheduled for next Tuesday, and I think y’all are going to love it.

Also next Tuesday is my first-ever surgery; it’s minor and none of the doctors seem worried, but I’m a professional worrywart and I am doing my thing! So if you can spare a few kind thoughts or prayers or whatever you’re into, please send some my way next Tuesday; I could really use ’em! Love y’all.


Pardon the interruption



This week’s review post will be delayed. I’m going on Day Two of a wicked migraine, and I feel horrible. I’m hoping to get back to interspersing my blog with personal updates and random thoughts, and regularly scheduled reviews will be back next Tuesday.


Coming Soon… I mean it this time

I’m working diligently on a really awesome post related to World Book Day and some fun stuff, but due to a completely jacked timeline today, it didn’t quite get finished! And, due to some other things that I’ll tell you about later, it probably won’t get posted this weekend either. I know! Sad. But I can promise it will be up and live for you to enjoy Monday if not sooner.

Have an awesome weekend!

Edited to tell you all that I was sneaky and backdated said post to actual World Book Day. Mwahaha! So scroll down and read it!



I know it’s been an abnormally long time since I’ve posted, and I’m sorry about that. But I’m sure you’ve seen the hints and maybe outright omissions here and there that I struggle with anxiety disorder and probably depression. I’m not on anything for it, though that isn’t a mark of pride for me or an attempt to demonize people who are. I’ve been really struggling lately and have not felt at all like myself for at least a week, perhaps longer. The mere thought of writing left me drained and when I tried to anyway, nothing came together how I wanted and it all seemed pointless.

I am blessed with an amazing support system of family and friends, and while I’m sure some of both groups will see this and think, “But I had no idea,” or “Well, she didn’t tell me,” I hope they don’t also think that’s because I don’t trust or love them. I confide in as few people as possible during the difficult times because spreading a wide net does not help me. Maybe one day soon I’ll be able to write a longer post about my struggles recently, and I’m sure by then they’ll seem silly and we’ll all have a laugh over how overblown I made the whole thing. But right now I am healing and I am doing much better. Taking one day at a time. I hope you’ll understand and perhaps look forward to a blog post soon that I’ve been very excited to write … you might want to go rewatch the series finale of Breaking Bad. No more hints though.


Change is Good!

If you’ve been hanging around for awhile, you might notice things are looking a bit different in this little corner of WordPress. I’m trying out a new theme (obviously) and I’m an endless tinkerer. (Is that a word?) So just bear with me and hopefully I’ll have my bearings and stop tweaking things in the next few days. Opinions are welcome, as always.

If you’re new, welcome! So glad to have you! Please, peruse, browse, ogle to your heart’s content! As I said, opinions are always welcome, so if you’d like to start or join a discussion on an old post, go for it. I will ask that you never share my words or images elsewhere without proper attribution. And a little heads-up or a link back would be greatly appreciated!